'Raising the self esteem of children and their families'


Believe to Achieve (B2A) is a charity set up to tackle the low self esteem  of children in Wolverhampton. It is based in Wolverhampton and is for the children of the city and their families. All the trustees of the charity  are people who live or work in Wolverhampton. B2A has been set up in response to the vast body of research that shows that children who have low self esteem are more likely than children with high self esteem to:  

  • Have poor school achievement         
  • Have poor social skills         
  • Abuse drugs or alcohol         
  • Get involved in crime         
  • Become pregnant as teenagers
It also recognises that these factors are all too common amongst young people in the city. Low self esteem undermines the potential of many children in Wolverhampton. B2A works with communities, schools, families, children and other agencies to build self esteem in children and so enable them to realise their potential. 
Research also shows that interventions targeted at an earlier age have a greater effect on the lives of children and young people as they grow to adulthood.The initial focus of B2A’s work therefore, is with children of primary school age.

Lisa Potts

Believe To Achieve